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Posted On April 3, 2014By Emma BothamleyIn BLOGS, Guest Bloggers

The 2014 F1 Season So Far: Ultimate Shakedown

Emma gives us a rundown of the F1 Season so far This year, we’ve welcomed a new era of F1 in which V6 power units with higher level of energy recovery systems have replaced the ear piecing V8 engines which have been a part of F1 since 2006. Not to mention aerodynamic changes and many other aspects under the surface. The rulebook has been re-written and the slate wiped clean. The lead up and beginning of testing saw one by one, the future of F1 being revealed. For the firstRead More

Posted On July 12, 2013By IAMRAYMANIn BLOGS, Guest Bloggers, TRACK

Superkart Racing – Mid-Season Report

It’s been two months, three circuits and seven races since I last checked in and we’ve certainly learnt a lot about long circuit kart racing in that time. As we reach the half-way point of our season at Snetterton this weekend for the Superkart Grand Prix (a high accolade in British motorsport, standing alongside Formula One and Moto GP as other examples of officially recognised Grand Prix races in the country), I figured it was a good time to catch up. May’s race at Castle Combe was a hot dayRead More

Posted On May 7, 2013By IAMRAYMANIn BLOGS, Guest Bloggers, TRACK

What is Superkart Racing

As a person that has always been aware of superkarts I find it surprising so many people know nothing about them. At Strubby, my local circuit, I watched as a child with envy the group of karters racing with their rear wings and gearboxes, tearing around the tiny 400m circuit. I also recall sitting in a long circuit kart that was for sale at about twelve, with its fibreglass bodywork enveloping the chassis and engine, and remember feeling that I just had to drive one of these one day. ThisRead More
After you’ve read this post, make sure you check out Emma’s website; – Ed. Will a woman ever compete in modern F1? This question is being more frequently asked and it’s been 21 years since we had a female F1 driver and over 35 years since a female competed in F1. Sir Stirling Moss has more recently brought up the subject in debate after his comments raised eyebrows. Want a reminder? “We’ve got some very strong and robust ladies, but, when your life is at risk, I think the strain of thatRead More

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