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Timeless Prestige Cars

While there may be no real absolute definition of what makes a prestige car, the one thing it certainly needs to be is desirable. Thanks to the blend of history, performance and glamour that prestige cars usually bring, however, this does mean they have been known to also come with an inflated price tag. But they are options. Of course, there is Prestige Car Finance which can offer affordable ways of owning your dream car. Then, we’ve always found that eBay is as good a place as any to enterRead More

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Lotus Exige LF1

Lotus to build limited run Exige LF1 to celebrate F1 history Lotus has decided to celebrate it’s long history in Formula 1 by building 81 special Exige V6s. It’l be called the Exige LF1 and Lotus are building one for every victory the marque has had in Formula 1 (this includes the original Team Lotus and the current Lotus F1 Team). The LF1 is based around the existing 3.5l V6 Exige S with a bespoke black and gold paint scheme with red accents and gold (17” front and 18” rear) alloyRead More
Christmas has come early for David as he gets a go in the F-type Coupe V8-R Last year I had a very brief go in the F-type V6 and I stated that it was hard to evaluate it subjectively based on the cars looks. Now I’ve driven the coupe version and I’m faced with the same issue as the car looks even better with a fixed roof. Luckily once I got behind the wheel I didn’t have to worry about being subjective, the F-Type Coupe is just superb, end ofRead More

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Range Rover Evoque Si4 Review

We try out the king of the compact-SUV class with the latest 9-Speed ZF Auto The Evoque is a bit of an opinion divider. Some people love it’s looks and presence but some say it doesn’t deserve to wear the fabled Range Rover badge. Either way you can’t deny how important it has been for Land Rover since its launch in 2011. This became even more apparent when I was driving this Evoque around for a week, they are just everywhere! I’ll try to sideline the debate of whether theRead More
We got up close to a very rare Lotus Motorsport Elise Recently we visited our local Lotus dealer to photograph a very rare Lotus, the Motorsport Elise. These cars were manufactured exclusively for the Lotus Autobytel championship in 2000. The Autobytel Championship was run alongside the British Touring Car series. The specially-built Motorsport Elise featured a tuned Rover K-Series engine, aerodynamic bodywork and central driving position. The cars were prepared by Lotus Sport at a cost to the driver of around £60,000 a season. K-series engines were tuned by Minister and developed around 200bhpRead More

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Jaguar XF R-Sport Review

Does the Jaguar XF R-Sport broaden the XF’s appeal? David tries one for a week to find out. Three word review: A Classy, Refined Headturner. As I rapidly approach my 30th birthday, I realise that I am more of a Radio 2 listener than Radio 1. Luckily though, you no longer need to be a long-time listener of Radio 4 to own and drive a Jaguar. The company is currently on a roll and is churning out some of the most desirable luxury cars currently on the market. The XFRead More

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RenaultSport Megane 265 Review

The RenaultSport Megane has had some plastic surgery but is it still a great drivers car? The last 12 months or so has seen a thrilling renaissance for the hot hatch. And during that time it’s fair to say the goalposts have shifted a little. Not that long ago, anything over 250 bhp was regarded as pretty extreme. Now, should your budget allow, you can find a hot hatch with 316 bhp and rear-wheel drive. Or how about 355 bhp and four-wheel drive? Frankly, it’s all gone a bit mad.Read More
Some superb shots from one of our favourite photographers, GF Williams Some images appeared in our inbox from Toyota. The cars and photo’s are just too good not to share with you. From oldest to newest you have: Toyota TS010 The Toyota TS010 was developed in association with TOM’S ahead of the 1993 Le Mans 24 Hours. The #36 car was taken to a fourth-place finish by Eddie Irvine, Toshio Suzuki and Masanori Sekiya. Toyota TS020 The Toyota TS020, also known as the GT-One, is now a Le Mans icon,Read More
We take a look at some of the best faux press releases from car manufacturers this April Fools Day I rarely take part in April Fools pranks, largely because I can never come up with anything good enough. Luckily for us the PR departments of various car manufacturers aren’t as creatively stunted as I am. Here are a few of my favourite press releases from April 1st (all text below is lifted straight from their various press releases). Paw-Wheel-Drive The RSPCA has partnered with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to teach rescueRead More
Worlds Fastest Car gets Worlds Fastest Edition to Celebrate You might be forgiven for thinking that John Hennessey and his crack team of engineers have managed to make an even more powerful version of the already mental Venom GT. Unfortunately not. They have instead revealed this very limited edition of the Venom GT to celebrate exceeding the 270mph barrier at Nasa’s John F Kennedy Space Centre earlier this year. The ‘World’s Fastest Edition’ will be limited to just three examples. The changes are limited to white paint and a patrioticRead More

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