The 1996 Ford Indigo Concept – Crazy Beautiful The Ford Indigo is a concept car developed by Ford in 1996 for the various motor shows they attended. It was designed by Claude Lobo who at the time was Director of Ford Motor Company’s Advanced Design Studio in Dearborn, Michigan. Only two examples of the Ford Indigo were built, one of which was actually functional. It took Ford only six months from the original computer designs to the finished show car. The functional concept is still owned by Ford. Apparently the non-functioning show car was auctioned off but the person who won the auctionRead More
Audi quattro Spyder concept
Long before the Audi R8 existed there was another mid-engined Audi supercar. The Quattro Spyder We all think of the R8 as Audi’s first real supercar but there could have been one many years before if the Quattro Spyder had gotten past the concept stage. This pretty two seater was revealed to the world in 1991. It featured all the best styling cues of the Audi’s at that time. I particularly like the Audi Coupe style rear lights. Unfortunately the Quattro Spyder lacked the guts to go with its garters. TheRead More

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