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Posted On January 30, 2014By DavidIn FEATURES, i-RANT

iRANT – Motorway Service Food

David bemoans the lack of choice whilst ‘on the road’ The recent news about Wetherspoons opening a pub at a service station on the M40 got me thinking about my own issues with the food available to motorists. Now the Wetherspoons issue has sparked controversy due to the fact that alcohol will be served at a place that will be mainly frequented by motorists but that doesn’t really bother me. I’d like to think that in today’s society most drivers would be sensible enough to not drink and then getRead More
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Posted On January 30, 2013By JackIn FEATURES, i-RANT

i-RANT: The car in front is a…

While nipping around the B roads of Norfolk, the idea that a slow driver is more dangerous than a speeding one often pops into my head. After all, someone driving at 30mph through a 60mph limit is going to cloud the cars behind in red mist, generally winding the drivers to a point of impairing the judgement of a possible attempt to overtake. This has had me thinking… What is the car most likely to be the culprit? Luckily, moneysupermarket.com have recently conducted some handy research. Obviously, they’re more lookingRead More

Posted On January 4, 2013By WillIn FEATURES, i-RANT

i-RANT: Badge Engineering

A few weeks ago I met up with the owner of this website and some other petrolheads at Coventry Transport Museum.  On the way into Coventry a Vauxhall Corsa drove past me on the motorway, nothing unusual you might think, but something about this one caught my eye. It was the little badge on the back that had drawn my attention, it said ‘VXR’. Was this Corsa a VXR? Was it heck, it was a base model, probably a 1.2, yet the owner had for some unknown reason decided toRead More

Posted On December 30, 2012By DavidIn FEATURES, i-RANT

McLaren Luggage & Watch

Where is the line between quality automotive branded clothing & accessories and shameless branding exercise? I think McLaren have both bases covered here. Their new range of luggage designed specifically to fit into a 12c is both beautifully crafted and hugely practical (if not a tad expensive at £3950). The latest McLaren branded watch (£8950) from Tag Heuer is, in my opinion, very stylish and quite desirable for a Tag. Where it all seems to go wrong is with the McLaren leather driving gloves and the McLaren leather wallet & card holder (with mock-carbon fibre trim). Neither is available on theirRead More

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