We got up close to a very rare Lotus Motorsport Elise Recently we visited our local Lotus dealer to photograph a very rare Lotus, the Motorsport Elise. These cars were manufactured exclusively for the Lotus Autobytel championship in 2000. The Autobytel Championship was run alongside the British Touring Car series. The specially-built Motorsport Elise featured a tuned Rover K-Series engine, aerodynamic bodywork and central driving position. The cars were prepared by Lotus Sport at a cost to the driver of around £60,000 a season. K-series engines were tuned by Minister and developed around 200bhpRead More
Some superb shots from one of our favourite photographers, GF Williams Some images appeared in our inbox from Toyota. The cars and photo’s are just too good not to share with you. From oldest to newest you have: Toyota TS010 The Toyota TS010 was developed in association with TOM’S ahead of the 1993 Le Mans 24 Hours. The #36 car was taken to a fourth-place finish by Eddie Irvine, Toshio Suzuki and Masanori Sekiya. Toyota TS020 The Toyota TS020, also known as the GT-One, is now a Le Mans icon,Read More
With Williams now aligned with Martini, we look back at one of the greatest liveries in Motorsport We can all agree that the Martini brand returning to Formula 1 is a very good thing indeed. Inspired by this I have decided to put together a gallery of the greatest cars to sport one of the worlds most iconic liveries. Enjoy. What’s your favourite ever Martini Racing car? Let us know in the comments below. Remember we are on Facebook & Twitter so don’t forget to like and follow us. We’re also onGoogle+ so check usRead More

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