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Posted On May 19, 2013By MitchellIn FEATURES, SPOTTED

SPOTTED: Jaguar Zeemax XKR Supercharged

While browsing eBay this afternoon I came across what I thought was a bargain…  A Jaguar XKR with a Zeemax upgrade. When you usually think of an XKR speed isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but, that this particular XKR has been upgraded and now claims to now have over 647bhp and is capable of reaching a staggering 200mph. Zeemax are a car body design and styling company, who are known for carrying out high quality work on car manufacturers such as Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, BMW Mini andRead More
Viperceptor 4

Posted On April 2, 2013By MitchellIn FEATURES, SPOTTED

i-SPOTTED: The Jenson Viperceptor

Jenson Interceptor + Dodge Viper V10 = Jenson Viperceptor! While browsing through eBay recently I came across a Jenson Interceptor with quite a major difference. The ‘Jenson Viperceptor’ which has acquired it’s named due to the new engine… a third generation 8.2 – litre Dodge V10! When you read through the spec of this car you realise very little has been left original but it looks and sounds incredible! This car has been advertised as one of a kind, the only ‘Jenson Viperceptor’ in the world and it can beRead More
Hovercraft Delorean
Whilst browsing we came across a post about a hovercraft made to look like a Delorean. As the guys from CarBuzz rightly point out, the year 2015 (the year that Back to the Future Part II is set ) is fast approaching and few of the advancements promised by Doc and Marty look like they are coming true. That is until someone in America decided to make a hovercraft in the shape of the iconic time machine and then use it on the water in the San Francisco Bay area. SeeRead More

Posted On December 29, 2012By DavidIn FEATURES, SPOTTED

i-Spotted: Ferrari F50 on eBay

This car is listed as ‘An original F50 with a modern twist’. The modern twist is actually the addition of a newish stereo and a subwoofer. Now who needs a sound system in a car with no roof and a howling V12 behind them? It also states that the car can be returned to its original colour. I assume that it has been wrapped and although the colour choice is good, it is just not something you do to an F50. If you have £450,000 spare in your Paypal account then you canRead More

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