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Posted On January 30, 2014By MitchellIn FEATURES, TUNED

TUNED: Litchfield Nissan GTR

UK-Based Litchfield have decided the GTR is just too tame When we usually think of a Nissan GTR we know they are fast, personally I didn’t think the GTR needed an upgrade.   Already managing to reach 60mph from a standstill in just 3 seconds!  But if you thought the Nissan needed a little more poke then you will be thrilled to know that Litchfield Tuners have been modifying the GTR to get even more power out of the 3.8 litre V6 engine. Litchfield are one of the most recognisable namesRead More
Jaguar XJ220 by Overdrive Ad

Posted On January 26, 2013By DavidIn FEATURES, TUNED, Videos

i-TUNED: Overdrive AD Jaguar XJ220

Big Cat Perfection? – Overdrive AD XJ220 Like many of you I’m from the generation where the Jaguar XJ220 was an automotive god growing up. I had a 1:18 model of the 220 in British Racing Green and it was one of my favourite cars. It was just so over the top even sat next to the F40 on my shelf. Now I’ve grown up and cars have matured, the 220 seems a bit dated but just as cool. If you are after a ’90s legend but want the veneerRead More

Posted On January 16, 2013By DavidIn FEATURES, TUNED

i-TUNED: Shelby Ford Focus ST

The Focus gets the Shelby touch – Shelby Ford Focus ST When you think of Shelby, you think of Cobras and Mustangs with big V8s and even bigger bhp. The Ford Focus isn’t the sort of car you expect this famous company to turn its hand to… Until now. You might be surprised to hear that currently there is no more power under the bonnet of the Shelby Ford Focus ST than you would find on a stock model. There are plans to sort that but for now buyers willRead More

Posted On January 2, 2013By DavidIn FEATURES, TUNED, Videos

Vivid Racing Lamborghini Aventador

Have you ever looked at the standard Lamborghini Aventador and thought it was a bit tame and lacking wings? Well this tuned version from Vivid Racing may just be for you. Unlike alot of tuned Lambos out there, the Vivid car does not have a horrible body-kit but instead goes stealth(ish) with matte black paint and 5 spoke alloys. The only part that isn’t stealthy is the Mansory carbon fibre rear wing. Because the Aventador already has some extreme styling, we wanted to give the rear end a stronger moreRead More

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