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David’s Blog: Blogging – To do or not to do?

David ponders whether he should continue with iPISTON or not

I fell into this blogging lark by accident really. I started off writing for a friends site (which is now very successful) but I also had several goes at doing my own thing. The first try was amusingly called Dave on Cars and then there was GRIDWALK, a blog dedicated to Formula 1. I learnt a lot from both but I also gave up on both. Now I’m facing the same conflict with iPISTON.

I started this site in January 2013 with the idea that it would be an all-round motoring blog covering news, reviews and general auto-geekery. 18 months on and it has evolved slightly. The news aspect is less of a focus. Most people will go to Pistonheads and the like for their news so I tend to only post specific things when I have the time. This leaves reviews and other individual content to take the focus. The issue is the time. I, like a lot of bloggers work full time and trying to fit this in to daily life can be hard when most of the content is only coming from me.

Early on in the project I couldn’t wait to get on the computer and starting writing as it was quite a buzz to get my words online. Now the love has drained a little and that’s partly down to that fact that the traffic I’m getting is well off where I wanted to be and not as good as others who started around the same time. I have two options really. One is to keep plugging away and try and boost the traffic to the site. The second is close this site and write for other people who have already established websites.

I through writing this all down might give me the answer I was looking for. I still don’t know though. I will still continue to ask: To Blog or not to Blog….

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David is the Editor and founder of this site. David has been blogging and writing about cars & motorsport for several years. He lives and breathes cars and legend has it that his first word was Porsche! He has a bit of a thing for Lotus, drives an Abarth and likes to take a picture or two.


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